My approach to building is deliberate and methodical.  I build a limited number of instruments per year to ensure consistent quality in all aspect of construction from wood choices to finish and set up.  A majority of my work is commissioned for professional musicians, a testament to my understanding of sound and attention to aesthetic detail.  

I guarantee the construction and the materials of my work for the lifetime of the original owner.  As an individual builder, my reputation is dependent on my customer service and I make every effort to ensure that each of my clients is satisfied.  

Initially, I ask for one-third of the total cost which enables me to work your instrument into my timeline. 

flattop guitar
bouzouki                                      $3,000.
octave mandolin

archtop guitar                               $5,500. 
archtop bouzouki                            

A mandolin                                   $3,500.

F mandolin                                   $5,000.

carved octave mandolin               $4,000.

other instruments                          inquire

trim detail
​*inquire for pricing details
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