As a child, I was never without a pocket knife and a piece of wood.  In 2003, I decided I wanted to build a guitar and enrolled in the Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair in Qualicum, BC.  The school enlightened me to the tools I needed and the basic process of lutherie.

After school, my grandfather gifted me his woodworking machinery and a collection of various antique hand tools.  Treasures that date back 3 or 4 generations in my family, some of which I still use.  I had built fifty or so flat top instruments when a friend commisioned a mandolin.  Carving has since become one of my joys - mandolins, mandolas, archtop guitars, bouzoukis, octave mandolins, and more.  The nature of the buisness has compelled me to become an obsessive wood collector.  I have invested in my own resaw and large milling capabilities, hand selecting every piece of my instruments from the board up.  I use a variety of exotic and native species for different purposes.  

I truly love my work - my friends and clients tell me it shows.  Every piece I envision is unique and different.  Being a professional player, I know how a quality instrument should look, feel, and sound.  I most enjoy building for specific people. Knowing one's particular style, form, and musicianship enables me to create exceptional custom instruments.  

Bayard Blain